Delta First Class

Every wonder what it is like to fly Delta first class? Here is a little peek into what it’s like including amenities and food.

We recently got to fly first class for the first time on Delta airlines, also commonly referred to as business class, during an overseas flight and it was amazing.

Flying Delta First Class

Delta first class gives you a little bag full of stuff for the flight, including a sleeping mask, lip balm, lotion, socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste and mouthwash.

Business Class Products

The meals were good too, but my kids weren’t really digging them. They felt like they were too weird. Go figure. I must say despite this, they gobbled them right up.

Delta First Class Food

The seats make into beds. I wish all airplane seats made into beds. Being able to lay down helped all of us sleep well on the airplane.

Lie Flat Seats

– Headphones – Book – Phone – Phone charger – Blanket – Neck pillow/pillow pet – Reusable water bottle – Snacks

Packing List for Flying

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