Disney Cruise Fish Extender 101

Disney Cruise Fish Extender

Have you heard about the fish extender gift exchange? Find out everything you need to know to participate!

Typically, these have multiple pockets, one for each person in the cruise cabin. I bought mine off of Etsy last minute, but many people make their own.

What is a Disney Cruise Fish Extender?

How to Participate in a Fish Extender Group.

In order to participate, you need to find other people that are going to be on your Disney cruise that are up for participating too.

Now that you have signed up to participate you have to find the right gifts for all the families in your group. If you want to customize them use the Disney font.

Fish Extender Gift Ideas

Fish Extender Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls.

– Make-up – Nail Polish – Hair Accessories

Prepare  for your next adventure!

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