Disney Nails

I'll show you a fun way to add excitement about going to Disney World!

I had considered getting a Disney pedicure and Disney manicure before when we were headed to Orlando, but for whatever reason never got around to it.

This year I finally got my act together and managed to get mine and my daughter’s nails done before we went to Disney World.

The gal I go to for shellac manicures came up with my Disney manicure which is a Minnie Mouse nail design. I opted for a Minnie Mouse pedicure too.

Eden got blue nails with white dots and a Mickey Mouse on her thumbs and big toes. Please pardon our unattractive feet, I just really wanted to show off our pedis!

They also have Disney themed topper polishes and Disney nail wraps on Etsy as well. I think this is what we will try next time. This would cost way less than a custom manicure.

Despite not getting a crazy, over the top nail design possible, we loved our nails! From now on we will be doing this before each Disney World trip.

What was neat and unexpected was many  of the characters at Disney went out of their way to compliment my daughter on her nails!

I know many of you are way more creative than I am and I would love to hear about your own experience.