Free Hiking at Calico Basin near Las Vegas

Here's a great place for a peaceful outing!

Are you searching for somewhere spectacular to go hiking near Las Vegas? Calico Basin is just outside of town and is a superb place to hike for free.

If you can tear yourself away from the strip, which you should, then there are some incredible things to do in Las Vegas, including biking, rock climbing, or hiking Calico Basin.

The Calico Basin natural area is a wonderful place to go hiking in Las Vegas. The vast colors of red and white sandstone and gray limestone found here make for some amazing views between sunrise and sunset.

Calico Basin can be found out on the west side, about a mile and a half before you enter the gate into Red Rock Canyon National Park.

The first hiking option is the boardwalk. The boardwalk is half a mile round trip and great for any skill level.

Rocks are everywhere and range from tiny to gigantic. Some of these rocks are great fun for the kids to climb. Kids of all ages enjoy climbing rocks, parents too!

If you take one of the trails toward the deep red rock in the distance to the north, you will discover beginner rock climbers learning to scale the rock walls.

If you are looking for more places to go hiking near Las Vegas head to Mt. Charleston, where you can hike Mary Jane Falls or venture even further out to the stunning Valley of Fire.