How To Enjoy Disney World On A Rainy Day

Even when Mother Nature is not on your side, you can still enjoy the theme parks. The following are tips on how to enjoy Walt Disney World on a rainy day.

Umbrellas can help keep you dry, and if it is not raining too hard, they can let you continue like normal through the park.

Bring umbrellas

Bring a rain shield for your stroller

They sell many rain shields that are made for strollers. This will be good to protect your child from the rain.

– Ride some rides – Be Part of the Audience – Watch a Show – Shop along Main Street – Meet Characters Get a Makeover

Magic Kingdom on a Rainy Day

Epcot on a Rainy Day

Club Cool – Tastes colas from around the world.

Seas Pavilion – Ride Nemo and Friends, talk to Crush, catch a dive show, and enjoy the aquariums.

Jedi Training – They do Jedi Training rain or shine. When it’s raining they just move it inside the Star Wars ride.

Disney Hollywood Studios on a Rainy Day

Prepare  for your next adventure!

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