How to Keep Your Kids Active on Vacation

How can you keep your little ones entertained on your trip? With a little creativity, you can increase the family fun for everyone and create a memorable experience for your youngest family members.

All you’ll need is a notebook for each little one. If your children have a cellphone that they can take photos with, all the better.

Give Them a Hot Scoop

Score a Family-Friendly Hotel

Some establishments welcome families more warmly than others. Call ahead and inquire about amenities.

Your kids won’t enjoy lounging on the beach as much as you do — so cater to their yen for adventure.

Book Adventures at Your Destination

Get Inventive

When you go on vacation, you don’t have much extra space to pack — plus, you want to leave extra for souvenirs. That’s why you need to get a bit creative with objects that travel light.

Cards and coloring books take up little room in your luggage, but they provide soothing, quiet entertainment for the entire family as you wind down for the evening.

Pack Cards and Coloring Books

Prepare  for your next adventure!

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