14 Activities to Help Kids Blow Off Steam

Your kids are going to need some sort of outlet after staring at a computer screen all day so we’ve put together a list of ways you can help you kid blow off steam.

Have you ever felt like raging out? A rage room is a space where you can break a bunch of stuff.

1. Rage Room

2. Splatter Painting

They can throw painted at their canvas or even at the walls. You are up physically moving around slinging paint, plus you are trying to decide how your art should look.

Head to the gun range and let your kids shoot guns. They burn off stress by focusing on the target over and over.

3. Shoot Guns

4. Laser Tag

Nothing burns stress off more than running around trying not to be shot and stay in the game.

Find a place that offers paintball and run around shooting paintballs at each other.

5. Paintball

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