Pine State Biscuits

Here's a restaurant you are going to love!

Pine State Biscuits is a fun little breakfast place with five locations in Portland, Oregon. With so many locations chances are high that there will be one near you when you need it!

They serve all kinds of biscuits. The one I ordered, “The Reggie Deluxe” for $7. It came with gravy, fried chicken, bacon and an egg.

It may be just a chicken and biscuit, but it’s a hearty portion. I was not able to finish my biscuit. They also have grits, collard greens, blackeye peas and more southern type food.

If you want something simpler you can get an order of just biscuits and gravy.

For $1 more you can have your chicken dipped in spicy sauce. That’s what I do now when I visit. You can see my Reggie dipped in spicy sauce with tomato added.

Surprisingly, Pine State Biscuits offers food options that are not biscuits!

Pine State Biscuits does serve alcoholic beverages! They have their own unique cocktail menu that includes Bloody Mary’s.

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