Sesame Place the Sesame Street Theme Park

Sesame Place the Sesame Street Theme Park

Did you know that there is an entire theme park in Pennsylvania dedicated to Sesame Street?

Sesame Place’s target audience is families with toddlers. Which makes it great in most ways, but a pain in other ways. For example, to get on the lazy river you have to wait in line.

All Toddlers Will Love Sesame Place

All Toddlers Will Love Sesame Place

This is perfect if you have young children and need help. If you are like me and have older kids then it stinks to have to stand in line for so long.

If you are not into water rides there is still plenty to do. The climbing course was massive, but a bit too difficult for my five year old. Luckily, there are lots of rides right next to the climbing area.

Climbing Course

Sesame Place Tips

1. They have life jackets, but not towels. Bring your own towels! 2. If it rains they give you a rain check to come another day. 3. You can bring in your own snack food in a small cooler.

If one of your family members is in the military you and your family will receive free admission for four people.


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