Tips for Flying with Children Internationally

Flying internationally with kids is not horrible, but it certainly is not easy either. Here are my tips for making your overseas flight easier.

– Sleeping mask – Ear plugs – Snacks – Books – one or two per person – Earbuds

Overseas Flight with Kids Packing List

How to Help Your Child Sleep on a Flight

Melatonin  Comfort Items Bed Seats Peppermint Essential Oil White Noise App

Make sure your child is drinking enough water throughout the flight. You will also want to make sure each child has lip balm, because their lips are going to dry out.

Stay Hydrated

Do Homework on the Plane

I have my kids do homework on the airplane on the way over and on the way back. It is amazing how much work they can get done in a few hours.

How to Help Kids with Jet Lag

Plan to sleep when you arrive Take the sleeping mask and ear plugs the airline gives you Do not sleep all day Melatonin

Prepare  for your next adventure!

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