Ultimate Mexico Packing List for All-Inclusive Beach Vacation

Over the years I have found myself in Mexico on multiple occasions, always a beach destination. I pack slightly different for Mexico than I do for other destinations.

– ID & Insurance cards – Medicine – Travel documents & Passport – Cash & Credit Cards – Travel Insurance – Vaccination card (if applicable) – Reusable water bottle

General Items

For the Beach and Swimming Pool

– Bathing suit aka swimsuit – Cover-up – SPF shirt – Sunscreen – Bronzing lotion – Sunglasses

– Tennis shoes – Small backpack – Insect repellent aka bug spray – Dry bags

For Outdoor Activities

Tech Gear

– Camera – Waterproof Camera – Charger – Memory cards – Waterproof cell phone holder

Specifically for Women

– Jewelry – Hair ties – Hair pick – Sarong – Sun Dress  – Hair pick

Prepare  for your next adventure!

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