Recently, my wedding ring was stolen from my purse, in my parent’s hotel room at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Because of this I am now an expert on what happens when your property gets stolen in Vegas.

Here’s what happened. I decided to take the kids swimming that day, so we headed down to Caesar’s Palace where my parents were staying.  When I got there the room had already been made up.  Seeing this gave me the false belief that no one else would come into the room.  I hung all my jewelry on a bracelet and placed it in my purse.  We then headed to the pool.  3 hours later I came back to the room to change and go eat.  I immediately noticed my jewelry was no longer on my bracelet and my wedding ring was gone.  I called security. 

Here are some of the things I’ve learned (these are also helpful other cities):

Las Vegas Hotel Security

1. They will not call the police!  You must do this yourself.
2.  They will not investigate.
3.  You need to insist they run a check of who keyed into your room that day.
4.  You have to fill out the report yourself.
5.  Once they have left your room with the report they will refuse to speak to you again and give you
     no further information. 
6.  They then turn the incident over to a 3rd party – Their insurance company.
7.  They do not have the property covered in cameras. 

3rd Party Insurance Company

1.  They send out a standard form that says the hotel has determined it has done nothing wrong. 
2.  You only have a certain amount of days to call and protest. 
3.  They do not investigate until you call and protest. 
4.  They are not investigating who did what.  They are investigating if the hotel should compensate you for your lose.

Las Vegas Police

1. You must call the police yourself.  The hotel will not do it. 
2.  They will fill out some sort of report after asking you questions.  You will not be given a copy. 
3.  They will give you a generic form with an event number on it. 
4.  The police officer files this and puts in a description with pawn detail.
5.  A week later they will assign a detective to your case.

Las Vegas Pawn Detail

1.  Pawn detail is some sort of part of the Vegas police system.
2.  When your item is stolen and reported it is put on to the pawn detail list.
3.  You need to call and confirm the description the police officer gives to pawn detail.  (in my case    
     the description was generic, despite showing the officer a picture)
4.  Give them the most specific description possible, they will refuse to look at a picture.
5.  Each time a pawn shop takes in an item they must hold it for a certain amount of days and list it in
     the pawn detail registry.
6.  The workers in pawn detail search through these items looking for items that have matching      

1.  About a week after filing a report you can expect your case to be assigned to a detective.
2.  You must follow up and find out who this person is.  If you don’t, they are not legally obligated to  
     follow up. 
3.  The detective knows what he/she is doing and a much better source than the previously mentioned
     (The detective blew me away by locating my ring and arresting the person who took it with in two 
     days of being assigned my case.)