When headed into the Disney parks I highly recommend you take a backpack filled with certain items. Some of these will depend on the age of your child.  Since we have tons of experience at Disney, I’m somewhat of an expert and can offer my Disney Backpack Packing Tips for you here!

Don't leave without your Disney Backpack Packing Tips for your next Disneyland or Walt Disney World adventure! These tips will make your trip even easier!

What To Pack In Your Disney Backpack

This list includes things that I feel are a must when you head to Disneyland with a child.  If you are going by yourself or just with your spouse, this list will vary a bit.  You may not need as much or some things at all.  Read our tips and thoughts below to get started.

  • water
  • hats
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • bandaids
  • pain reliever
  • extra underwear
  • water flavor packets
  • battery operated fan with mister
  • umbrella
  • light, thin rain jackets or ponchos
  • extra batteries or chargers
  • camera
  • camcorder
  • autograph books
  • pens

Disney Backpack Expert Packing Tips

Now let me explain why I bring in some of these items further.

Water – You can take in your own bottled water or an empty water bottle to fill up in the park. You can also ask for ice water at any Disney restaurant and it’s free. I personally carry a hydro flask, because it keeps the water I have in there ice cold.

Flavored water packets – For whatever reason the water inside the Magic Kingdom tastes awful. So, if you plan on drinking that water you will want to add some flavor to it! I personally like these flavor infusers with only 5-calories per serving and four energizing B vitamins – B5, B6, B12, and B9.

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Bandaids and Pain reliever – Both of these items are horribly overpriced inside the parks. Save yourself some money and bring your own.

Underwear – Disney can be so exciting that kids won’t tell you they need to go to the bathroom, even slightly older kids. They do sell Disney themed underwear in several of the shops inside the parks, but they are gonna cost you!

Poncho or rain jacket – It’s Orlando, therefore it will rain while you are there. Ponchos are not cheap to buy inside the parks. I suggested buying a Disney poncho off of amazon for cheap and taking it with you. We always have ours with us, even if there is no call for rain.

Autograph books – You can order Disney Autograph books online for cheap. If you wait until you are in the parks you will pay double. Then keep them in your Disney backpack each day to ensure you do not forget them.

Packing your Disney backpack is simple now that you know what you need!  These items are my personal favorites, but you may want or need to adapt the list to your own needs. Things like diapers, hand wipes, sanitizer, or special snacks if you have dietary restrictions are also good to add! If you are able to take less stuff, for example maybe you are not at Disney with kids. You might want to carry one of these Disney fanny packs instead. 

Additional items to pack if you are bringing a toddler or baby

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Sippy cup or bottle
  • Change of clothes
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Are there any items you recommend taking into theme parks with you? If there are I would love your suggestions in the comments below.

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