Wondering what to wear at night in Las Vegas, especially when you are going clubbing or visiting a day club? Good news! We are here to help you decide.

What To Pack For Las Vegas

What you take to Las Vegas depends on what you plan to do there. Vegas hosts an endless assortment of conferences, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, and so much more. What you need to pack is fully dependent on why you are in Las Vegas and what you plan to do while you are there. 

What to Wear at Night in Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered what to wear at night in Las Vegas, specifically when you go out dancing/Clubbing? Over the last few years, one of the most frequently asked questions I’ve gotten is: “What do I wear out while I am in Vegas?”.

If you are going nightclubbing you will want to dress accordingly. It’s Vegas so you can probably wear whatever you want but check ahead of time to see if there is a dress code. Maybe you are going somewhere like a nightclub and want to make sure you get in. At night shining jewelry is always fun. If you are uncomfortable wearing a sexy little dress, you can always wear bicycling shorts under it. Book a Vegas party bus bar crawl!

Perfect Vegas dress

Apparently, this is something lots of ladies need to know, so I created this post to help you answer that question. I hope it helps. If you are still not sure, just head over to Forever 21 and find something you like! Keep in mind that a party dress you wear in Las Vegas may not be something you will wear again, so be thrifty if possible. You could even just rent a dress



What to Wear at Night in Las Vegas

These are the types of dresses I saw the most on women while I lived there. Most women seem to wear black. Ultimately, I suggest you wear what you are comfortable in and what makes you feel good. If you feel good about how you look you will have more fun! vegas dress

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I also recommend getting some magnetic eyelashes and wearing bright lipstick. You will be taking lots of pictures and having fuller lashes and bright lips will automatically make you look better in the photos. Large chunky jewelry also photos well.

Day Club

Vegas also has several secluded day club hotel pool areas where the rule is clothing optional. If you spend your sun and swim time there, you don’t need anything extra in your suitcase. For the ladies, if you are headed to a day club you will want to wear a cute/sexy swimsuit, jewelry, lipstick, and a sexy swimsuit cover-up.

Marquee day club

Hanging out at the Marquee day club during my divorce party!

Again, if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing you will not be having fun. Make sure you feel okay with lots of people seeing you in the swimsuit you choose. I’ve noticed that lately, I’ve been more comfortable in a high-waisted swimsuit. 



Fremont Street

Fremont Street has a ton of new bars that are fun to hang out at. This area of town is super casual. Jeans, a nice top, and decent shoes will be fine. I saw people dressed every which way last time I was down there. 

Keep it Casual

During other times when there are no organized meals or social activities, it is OK to take the same kind of informal, comfortable clothing other Vegas visitors wear. Casual dresses, jeans, rompers, flip flops, jean shorts, light jackets for evenings outside and in air-conditioned casinos. The Las Vegas daytime weather is brutally hot in the summer months but cools down quickly at night. Take a cap or hat along as well as sunglasses to protect you from the heat if you plan to walk outside during the sunny part of the day. romper

Although every building in Vegas looks like it is right next door to all the others, going through the large hotel hallways, visiting hotels across the street and strolling the Strip require comfortable walking shoes.

Vitamin Sea sun hatIf you swim and/or sun, a man needs a swimsuit, while a woman needs a swimsuit, cap and casual shoes or sandals.

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Wedding or other formal event

If you’ll be attending a formal or semi-formal wedding at a big church or major resort hotel banquet room, you’ll need a suitcase stuffed with the required traditional wedding guest clothing. You’ll need it to get you through the ceremony, as well as for all the social activities involved.

For women, that means a dress or pantssuit and shoes appropriate for the ceremony and, depending on how many days you’ll be in Vegas, several more dresses or suits for evening events.

For men, the need is for at least one suit and/or sports coat with trousers, shirts with collars, ties and leather shoes. If the event takes more than two days and nights, another suit or sports coat outfit could be required.

GoCity Las Vegas

Vegas Nails

A super fun addition to any outfit would be Vegas-themed nails

Vegas Nails

Las Vegas Nails Vegas nailsPack Light

Take Only What You Need

Our rule for packing to go to Las Vegas is to travel as lightly as possible. Unless we’re attending a reunion, wedding or another dress-up event, we don’t want to lug along any useless weight. First, we put out all the clothing we know we’ll need for the trip into our suitcases. Then we take half of it out and leave it behind. We’ve never, ever said in Vegas, “Oh, we didn’t bring enough clothing!”

Carry-On Only

Another thing we do is to take only one-wheeled carry-on each that fits in the aircraft overhead compartment, and sometimes backpacks that fit under the seat. After our first trips to Vegas when we lugged along big suitcases and had to wait an hour or more for them after our flight, we’ve never checked anything again. The Las Vegas airport is chaotic!

One more trick

In the months before your trip, set aside some worn stuff that is almost ready for the scrap heap, including underwear, socks, shirts, dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets, and other clothing. In Vegas, we wear older clothing once, then throw it away. That way, we don’t have to wash anything, and our suitcases are lighter when we return home. Except, of course, for all the cash we won gambling can really fill up a suitcase.

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What to wear in Las Vegas

What to Wear in Las Vegas


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