Are you headed to Vegas and planning to attend a pool party at one of the day clubs? It can be a little frustrating figuring out what to wear to a Vegas pool party so we’ve put this post together to help you decide. 

Las Vegas Day Club Dress Code

You might be surprised to know that there is a bit of a dress code you have to stick to at some of the day clubs. For example, Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, Marquee Dayclub (my favorite), and Tao Beach require you to dress a certain way if you wish to gain entry into the party pool areas.

You can find their dress code on their websites. For the most part they are the same. They have a strict “swimwear attire” dress code with no athletic wear aka jerseys, gym shorts, jeans, cargos, ripped clothing, sweats, baggy swim attire, excessive chains/jewelry, dress shoes, boots, or socks worn with sandals. You also cannot have images or references to drugs or drug use on your clothes. Plus, your swimwear must be on already prior to entering. 

And really, why would you dress like this anyway to a pool party. You want to look good, not sloppy. 

Las Vegas Pool Party Outfit Ideas

Women can wear a one piece swimsuit or a bikini and the trendier the better. Pick a super cute coverup or sun dress and some sexy sandals or flip flops to go with it. I read somewhere that day clubs required women to wear high heels, this is not true. None of us wore heels to the pool.

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You can also wear lighter jewelry. The sexier women look the higher the chance they get in for free. Just don’t take it too far, some tiny bikinis will get turned away. There’s a fine line between sexy and nasty. The Vegas sun can be intense so you may want a hat too.

Men can wear board shorts or swim trunks with a nice t-shirt. Don’t wear a speedo, literally no one wants to see this and don’t show up without a shirt at all, that could be an issue. I’ve seen men wearing athletic shoes before at the Marquee but mostly flip flops.

Check out our favorite pool party venues.

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What to wear to a Vegas Pool Party