Whether a first-time flyer or a seasoned flyer you may find yourself with questions about what is allowed on a plane and what isn’t. Here are some of the most frequently Googled questions when it comes to what you can bring onto a plane. 

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Can you bring delta 8 on a plane?

If you’re thinking about bringing delta 8 on a plane, it is definitely worth considering the risks and restrictions. Delta 8, or delta-8-THC, is an analog of the delta 9 compound that is the active ingredient in marijuana but has slightly different effects and legal status. Traveling with delta 8 on a plane usually requires following your airline’s guidance regarding marijuana products to avoid any issues as delta 8 may be seen as a marijuana product in some jurisdictions. Generally, passengers are limited to flying with delta 8 only within their home state, so check with local laws before taking to the skies!

Can you bring pepper spray on a plane?

In recent years, pepper spray has become a popular device for people to use in self-defense; however, pepper spray can be hazardous if taken onto a plane without proper precautionary methods. Despite the fact pepper spray is certified non-flammable and non-aerosol, airlines have still banned pepper spray from being taken on board due to security concerns. In general, it is best to leave pepper spray at home or in checked luggage.

Can you bring matches on a plane?

The TSA rules can seem confusing at times, but in the case of matches it’s actually quite clear: matches are only allowed in checked baggage, not carry-on. The reason for this is simple – matches can be a source of fire, and even though modern airplanes come with built-in safety protocols and extinguishers, matches pose an unnecessary risk that could be avoided by simply storing them in a suitcase and checking them at the airport. Many people don’t realize that matches are considered hazardous materials, and if you try to bring them through security they will most likely get confiscated and leave you without the extra matches you may have wanted while traveling. So despite their small size, fires still aren’t welcome on planes – so make sure to leave your matches at home or else check them before boarding.

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Can you have a lighter on a plane?

Bringing a lighter on board a plane can be tricky. According to regulations, lighter fluid and lighter refills are prohibited items, so having an empty lighter won’t do much for you. That said, it is technically allowed to bring lighters on the plane as long as they are stowed in your checked luggage and not tucked in your pocket or carry-on bag. I once watch some a-hole playing with his lighter on the plane. He pretended he had no clue that would be an issue when he got in trouble. 

Can you bring bug spray on a plane?

Many of us have faced dreaded bug bites while traveling. Bug spray seems a formidable weapon of choice. Unfortunately, bug spray is one of the many items on a long list of things you cannot bring on board a plane. Most bug sprays come in an aerosol can, which are strictly prohibited while in flight as they can cause explosions due to the pressure differences within the aircraft. Fortunately, there are bug sprays available in creams or with a pump-top containers which…you guessed it!…are allowed whilst flying. 

Can you bring vape juice on a plane?

Traveling by plane can be a stressful experience, but you don’t have to worry about vape juice if you are planning a journey. Most vape juice products are allowed in carry-on bags under TSA regulations and kept near the vape itself. But, no, you are not allowed to vape on a flight. And if you think you can sneak it any way just know that everyone can smell it and will hate you. 

Can you take dry ice on a plane?

Flying with dry ice can be a tricky affair, but it is possible if travelers adhere to strict guidelines. Taking dry ice on a plane requires special preparation prior to traveling. When packing dry ice, it should be wrapped in foam, strong cardboard, and other insulated materials to reduce the chances of leakage. When bringing dry ice onto the plane, it’s important to let security know of its presence in order to avoid any unfortunate issues during arrival. Though dry ice is allowed on an aircraft in limited amounts, passengers should be aware that their dry ice may not survive the entirety of the flight due to severe temperature fluctuations while in transit. With careful consideration and preparation, however, travelers are able to bring dry ice onto planes with relatively little difficulty if it is approved by the airline. Some airlines do not allow it. 

Can you bring ice on a plane?

It is possible to bring ice on a plane, although the ice must be in a form that complies with safety protocols. However, this can vary depending on the airline and other factors, so it is important to do your research ahead of time. Ice-filled coolers, ice packs, and ice blocks are usually allowed as long as they are kept sealed during the flight. It’s also common for airlines to provide ice on-site onboard certain flights. Being able to keep medicone or formula cold while traveling is important. 

Can you bring protein powder on a plane?

Flying can be a stressful experience, and protein powder can help make it a more fuel-filled adventure. It’s scarcely known fact that protein powder can easily be brought onto most domestic flights in the United States. Depending on the ingredients, it may have to be declared upon checking into the airport; however, protein powder is considered a powdered supplement and falls within TSA guidelines for what is permissible through security. Bringing protein powder with you on your next voyage not only eliminates the need of having to find a protein powder compatible with whatever destination you’ll be going to – it also allows you to stay healthy and comfortable while traveling. What better way to enjoy your flight than feeling energized and equipped with the snack or meal replacement of your choice?

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Can you take nail polish on a plane?

Yes. I rarely travel with nail polish but have on a couple of occasions. I always carry on my luggage and I’ve never had an issue. 

Can I bring an eyelash curler on a plane?

Yes. Pretty sure no one as every been stabbed with an eyelash curler. 

Can I bring pre-workout on a plane?

Yes. Everytime my son does TSA checks it for bomb residue or something. 

Can you take a tv on a plane?

Why in the world would you want to take a tv on the plane with you? Perhaps as a gift? As long as it is factory sealed you can check it. But I can almost guarantee you it will get broken, so just don’t. 

Can you bring Starbucks on a plane after security?

Yes, of course. Why do you think every airport on the planet has a Starbucks inside?

Can you take a hydro flask on a plane?

Yes. It doesn’t matter that it is a metal water bottle. It is totally allowed. 

Can I bring a Nintendo Switch on a plane?

Yes. Security may make you take it out of your bag to get screened. 

Can you bring plants on a plane?

I suppose traveling with plants on a plane could make your journey more enjoyable and even a little festive. Whether you’re planning to bring potted plants or plants that still have their roots in the ground, there are some important things to keep in mind. Most plants are generally allowed onto planes as long as they don’t require extra care or space, and it’s always a good idea to check with airline policies beforehand for exact rules. Many plants do not stay healthy during flights and of course, are subject to inspection by airport security, so be sure to properly wrap plants when bringing them on board. 

Can you bring a skateboard or a longboard on a plane? 

Traveling can be a challenge with skateboard or longboard in tow, especially if you plan on flying. Most airlines allow kateboards and longboards on a plane if they fit in the over head bin. If not, you will likely have to check it. Be prepared to pay a fee for an odd size item being checked. Southwest’s allows you to substitute your longboard for a carryon or a checked bag. American airlines makes you check any that are longer than 22″. You will want to check the airline you are flying to find out what you should do. 

Many European airlines have determined that skateboards are too large and could pose a threat to other passengers. 

Can you bring safety pins on a plane?

Yes. I typically have a few safety pins in my toiletry bag and I’ve never had an issue. 

Can you wear a hat on a plane?

Yes. Over the years I’ve seen a lot of hats I don’t think should have been allowed but no one asked me what I thought. Go figure. 

Can you bring candy on a plane?

Of course, candy is allowed on planes and it makes traveling a more enjoyable experience. 

Can you bring chocolate on a plane?

Yes. You can have chocolate in your checked bag or bring it in your carry-on. Chocolate isn’t liquid, so it is also easy to bring it through security.

Can you bring soda on a plane?

Yes. You cannot bring it through security. But once through security, you can purchase soda and you are then welcome to bring it on board. 

Can you bring tea bags on a plane?

Yes. Onboard the flight the tea options are limited. So, if there is something you specifically want you should bring it with you. 

Can you take cookies on a plane?


Can you bring canned food on a plane?

Just don’t. Packing canned food for a plane ride may seem like a great idea, especially if you’re looking for a convenient snack. Generally speaking, canned food is allowed as long as all liquid has been removed and tight security lids have been placed on the cans. And who would want to do this? Not me, I think this is gross. Remember – while canned foods can make air travel more enjoyable for you, they are still prone to flight restrictions and they will be examined when going through security.

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Can you bring fruit on a plane?

Yes, but depending on what country you are flying into you may not deboard with the fruit. You need to eat it onboard or just throw it in the trash. I suggest picking a better snack to take. 9 Healthy & Easy Travel Snacks

Can you bring alcohol on a plane?

Yes, but you can’t drink it while you are on the flight. That’s illegal. If you are taking a carry-on it will need to be the tiny bottles of liquor. 

Can you bring a camera on a plane?

Yes. Haven’t you seen all those travel photos floating around the internet? They were taken with, you guessed it, a camera. 

Can you bring magnets on a plane?

Yes, you can bring magnets on a plane. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be one of the most popular souvenirs of all time. 

Can you bring a tripod on a plane?


Can you bring glass on a plane?

Yes, as long as it isn’t a snow globe. 

Can you bring tweezers on a plane?

In general, tweezers are allowed in carry-on baggage; however, my nail nippers were once confiscated while going through security in Australia. So leave those at home. 

Can you bring a hair dryer on a plane?

Yes. Granted, why would you? I bet pretty much anywhere you go will have a hairdryer available. 

Can you bring vaseline on a plane?

Yes. I happen to always travel with Vaseline. I use it as lip balm and eye-makeup remover. 

Can you bring a curling iron on a plane?

Yes. A curling iron is an item that I happen to always travel with no matter where I am going. You can take it in your carry-on or in your checked bag. 

Can you bring eyebrow razors on a plane?


Can you bring jewelry on a plane?

Yes. It might be a little difficult to get security if the metal in your jewelry is setting off the metal detector. Otherwise, it’s a non-issue.

Can you bring a razor on a plane?

A safety razor that you use to shave your legs or face is allowed in your carry-on or your checked bags. 

Can you bring an inhaler on a plane?

Yes. If you are traveling internationally you may need a doctor note stating that this is your prescription and why you need it. I’ve been to 30 countries and my medication has never been checked. 

Can I bring face wash on a plane?


Can you bring shampoo on a plane?

Yes. I’ve taken regular shampoo and dry shampoo. It’s never been an issue. 

Can you bring perfume or cologne on a plane?

Yes, but DO NOT put it on while you are on the actual plane. That is so unbelievably rude, that if you do I hope someone slaps you. People like me are allergic to it and people that put it on during flights make me miserable. 

Can you take hand sanitizer on a plane?

Hand sanitizer is a practical addition to any handbag, but when it comes to taking hand sanitizer on a plane, it could be a mixed bag. Although hand sanitizer is deemed safe and allowed in carry-on luggage and checked bags, some regulations can ultimately make hand sanitizer prohibited on board an aircraft. This is because hand sanitizers contain large amounts of alcohol and passengers are limited to only carrying certain types and sizes of containers into the cabin. These regulations will vary depending upon the airline, so it’s best to check the airline’s website prior to traveling for information on their exact hand sanitizer policies. To err on the side of caution, opt to bring hand sanitizing wipes instead just to be sure!

Can you take Lysol on a plane?

Lysol has become a much-discussed topic when it comes to flying since covid. It’s no surprise, Lysol is a powerful disinfectant that many travelers want to have on hand while they fly. The question is can Lysol be taken on a plane? The answer is, yes — Lysol products are approved for travel in both carry-on and checked bags. Of course, all containers must comply with the regulations for liquids; this means any Lysol product must be in containers of 3.4 oz or less. Flying with Lysol can give travelers peace of mind because Lysol kills 99.9 percent of germs and viruses on surfaces as well as reducing odors from other passengers. Taking Lysol on a plane may seem like a small step but it could make a big difference to everyone onboard! Spring the air vent before you touch it. That’s where most of the germs are. 

So there you have it, a list of some common items that people attempt to bring on planes that are totally okay and things they really shouldn’t. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with the TSA, so err on the side of caution and leave these things at home. Traveling can be stressful enough without having to worry about getting your belongings confiscated or worse, being detained. Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and follow these simple rules. Now that you know the answers to these questions you can pack responsibly. Happy travels!

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