Arriving in Dublin and wondering where to eat? The Irish capital is widely considered a foodie heaven. Everywhere you look, there’s another eatery serving their take on some form of cuisine, whether it’s Irish or international.

Dublin City has many neighborhoods, some of which are entirely focused on food, like South William Street. Don’t be shocked if you find yourself in a different one every day. It happens to everyone.

This article will show you exactly where to eat in Dublin, from local favorites to popular tourist hot spots that are well worth spending the extra few euros on.

FX BuckleyFX Buckley

FX Buckley is arguably one of Dublin city center’s most famous steakhouses and for good reason. Loved for their fine cuts of prime Irish meat, they have a number of locations spread across the city, including restaurants in Temple Bar and Pembroke Street.

What sets FX Buckley’s red meat apart from others in the city is the specific taste derived from traditional heritage breeds, two of them being Hereford and Angus. 

Due to FX Buckley’s insane popularity, it’s best you book a table in advance regardless of which of their restaurants you decide to visit. Sometimes, they could be booked up for days on end, so get there early.

Bear in mind that FX Buckley is a little more on the expensive side, but spending a few extra euros is well worth it for the high-quality meat they have on offer.

Pinnochio RestaurantPinnochio Restaurant

Pinnochio Restaurant is another Temple Bar eatery showcasing the tastiest bites from Italian cuisine. 

Their dishes are a perfect representation of Italian food abroad, such as starters like the yummy Bruschetta Al Pomodoro, main courses including Spaghetti Alla Bolognese, and not to forget the oh-so-sweet Tiramisu.

On average, a typical main course at Pinnochio Restaurant will set you back around 17.90 euros, but their portions are sizable, so you get what you pay for. Plus, the service is unbeatable, with nothing to complain about.

Pinnochio Restaurant is also well known for its cooking classes through its Italian School of Cooking. Dive deep into the Italian gastronomy scene, discover the incredible ingredients that form some of the tastiest dishes loved all around the globe, and become a master chef with the help of those who know Italy’s cuisine better than anyone else in the country.




For all the burger lovers out there, you cannot come to Dublin without trying Bunsen. This simple burger shop takes Black Aberdeen Angus Beef supplied by FX Buckley and turns it into a masterpiece.

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Bunsen has nine locations spread across Dublin in Ranelagh, Blanchardstown, Temple Bar, Baggot Street, Dame Street, Wexford Street, and South Anne Street. You can book a table in their small restaurants, or if you’re on the go, they also do take out or delivery. Regardless of your selected option, you’ll be treated to pure scrumptiousness.

The menu at Bunsen is pretty small compared to other burger joints nearby, with only four burger options, three fries options, toppings, and soft drinks, but trust me, everything the chefs touch at the place turns to gold. Don’t believe me? Go for yourself.

Sole Seafood And Grill

Sole Seafood and Grill

Sole Seafood and Grill

Sole Seafood and Grill is one of the best seafood restaurants in not only Dublin but also in Ireland. Situated on South William Street, Sole has stunning aesthetics and a warm atmosphere, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The real magic is shown through its sophisticated style of cooking, offering a massive menu crafted with the freshest Irish seafood products caught along the beautiful coast.

Avid seafood fans will love Sole Seafood and Grill’s private dining experience for large groups given the name ‘Captain.’ The setting is at a long table with a private bar and a secluded area, providing maximum privacy for you and your party to enjoy.

Pi Pizza

Pi Pizza

Pi Pizza

Are you ready for the best pizza you’ll ever try? Pi prides itself on making perfect pizzas by motivating their chefs to create each order with passion and trust me, they’re doing a hell of a good job at it.

All of Pi Pizza’s flour is sourced all the way from Naples in Italy (the home of pizza), their sauce is created with the finest Irish tomatoes, and the toppings come from the country’s cherished artisan producers.

Pi is a strictly pizza and dessert restaurant, so anyone here should prepare themselves for lots of dough and sweets. They do serve wines, typical Italian style, as well as some beers. Pizza prices start at 10.50 euros and go up to 15 euros, so it’s not too expensive.

Café En SeineCafé En Seine

One of the city centre’s more glam eateries is the gorgeous Café En Seine. Set on Dawson Street next to Dublin’s Instagram-famous “Umbrella Street,” Café En Seine’s big draw is the fabulous interior with a Parisian-styled garden look, booth seating, and dazzling lights.

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The glory doesn’t stop at the Café En Seine’s rich decor; the extravagant food menu designed by the head chef Stephen Gibson will surely tease your tummy like never before, from Wild Atlantic Salmon to finely cooked Rotisserie Chicken. And do not forget the Sticky Toffee Pudding if you have some space for dessert.

Be sure to reserve a table at Café En Seine’s because they’re always out the door, even during midweek.

Boojum Boojum

It’s not your typical Mexican restaurant that you’d find on a list of the best places to eat in Dublin, but Boojum rightfully deserves a mention. 

This quintessential Mexican burrito bar has establishments all across Ireland in places like Galway, Limerick, Cork, and even up the north in Belfast, but most of their shops are in Dublin City and the surrounding suburbs.

So, what sets Boojum apart from all the other Mexican eateries? These guys do burritos unlike anywhere else, between their delicious fillings and their method of wrapping the burrito, giving it more space for more ingredients.

Seating is available in all of Boojum’s restaurants, but they usually do more takeaways. Their style fits into more of a stop-and-shop kind of vibe, but that doesn’t take away from how good their food is.

Mongolian BBQThe Temple Bar area

Saving the best for last, I couldn’t talk about restaurants in Dublin without mentioning Mongolian BBQ. Providing a unique style of dining that’s rare to find in the capital these days, Mongolian BBQ sits in Temple Bar, but with its favorable prices, you wouldn’t think it.

At Mongolian BBQ, they allow all customers to pick their own ingredients for their dish from a sizable selection, including veggies, meats, sauces, and spices, and then the chef will throw everything onto a Mongolian-styled grill and cook everything in front of you.

Mongolian BBQ is open for lunch and dinner. Their lunch specials offer great value, with an all-you-can-eat setting for only €16.90. As for dinner, their early bird specials run from 4:30 PM to 7 PM; they’re a couple of euros cheaper than dinner from 7 PM.


That concludes the list of my recommendations on where to eat in Dublin. You can probably already tell from this list that there’s so much variety; on one corner, you’ll find themed restaurants from the Far East, and on the next, it’s a typical Italian.

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