Wondering where to eat in Mexico City? As one of the largest and cities in the world, Mexico’s capital boasts an incredible array of options when it comes to restaurants.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the zestiest al pastor taco or a luxurious tasting menu at a five-star venue, I’ve got you covered!

In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the best places to eat in Mexico City, be it a fine dining spot for an unforgettable evening or the best tacos and bakeries in town.

Where to Eat in Mexico City

1. Balcón del ZócaloBalcón del Zócalo

If you’re in search of a venue with scrumptious cuisine and unparalleled views of the historic center, Balcony of the Zócalo is an essential addition to your dining bucket list in Mexico City.

It’s renowned for its exquisite culinary offerings and its prime location which offers breathtaking views of the city’s historic center, including the Zócalo, Mexico City’s main square, and the stunning historical buildings that surround it.

This marvelous restaurant is helmed by Chef Pepe Salinas, who presents an extensive tasting menu that changes with the seasons. Boasting a sophisticated array of dishes that blend traditional Mexican flavors with contemporary culinary techniques, Balcon offers a unique dining option that exudes history and culture.

You can choose from the mouthwatering dishes available on the menu, but for the full unique experience, your best bet is to inquire about the seasonal menus—you won’t regret it!

Address: Av. 5 de Mayo 61, Centro Histórico de la Cdad. de México, Centro Histórico, Cuauhtémoc, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

2. RyoshiRyoshi

Ryoshi is an innovative Japanese restaurant in CDMX set in the heart of Polanco, a vibrant and exclusive area of the city. With a concept that merges high-end Japanese, Oriental, and international cuisine, it is the perfect place for an afternoon or evening enjoying delicacies from the Far East.

This spot boasts a spectacular sushi and robata bar, as well as a menu full of specialties that include fish sourced from Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Scotland, Alaska, and other places.

To top it off, Ryoshi features a robust selection of sake, wines, and premium spirits to enjoy in an ambiance of sophistication and style.

Address: Av. Pdte. Masaryk 111, Polanco, Polanco V Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

3. PacificaPacifica

Pacífica first opened its doors in the northern city of Monterrey 20 years ago, quickly becoming one of the favorite spots for the locals to savor the delights of the Mexican Pacific coast.

This seafood restaurant in Polanco is exceedingly pleasant and modern, perfect for enjoying their creations in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It is ideal for savoring the flavors of the sea with some drinks.

The Pacífica menu combines the flavors of the northwestern Mexican coast with some international dishes, highlighting the Rosarito seafood platter, the clam chowder, the lobster bisque, and the filet over esquites (corn salad).

Address: Alejandro Dumas 77, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

4. Funky Lee Funky Lee

Located on Masaryk Avenue, which is the most vibrant street in the upscale Polanco neighborhood, Funky Lee offers an unusual Japanese dining experience in CDMX. If you’re a fan of good food and speakeasies, you’re going to love this place.

Hidden behind a bookshelf of the restaurant Diego y Yo, this Japanese restaurant-bar in CDMX is a must-visit for lovers of Japanese cuisine and trendy places that offer an excellent atmosphere, succulent dishes, good music, and delicious drinks.

Among the top dishes, our recommendation is that you do not miss out on the Roca Shrimp and the Kanji Roll with clarified butter. Without a doubt, Funky Lee is one of the best Japanese restaurants and speakeasies in CDMX!

Address: Av. Pdte. Masaryk 123, Polanco, Polanco V Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

5. IsolaIsola

Nestled inside a stunning Neocolonial house, Isola is one of the best restaurants in Polanco, especially for Italian cuisine aficionados.

Its extensive array of dishes is crafted by combining the freshest and highest quality ingredients with the best cooking techniques transmitted from generation to generation in Italian kitchens.

The period mansion that houses Isola Polanco is a restored architectural gem that conjures up bygone eras of grandeur. The beautiful facade and interior preserve their historical essence, which blends seamlessly with modern elements to create an irresistible casual yet elegant space.

At Isola, the approach is “No Shortcuts,” with dishes prepared using artisanal techniques and the finest ingredients, all meticulously overseen by Chef José Mendín. Each bite of pasta is made from scratch to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.

Address: Av. Emilio Castelar 149, Polanco, Polanco III Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11550 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

6. MarcelloMarcello

Drawing inspiration from Italy in the 1960s, Marcello is a relatively new Italian dining option in the heart of Colonia Roma. Its mission is to provide exquisite food in a divine atmosphere reminiscent of Italy’s past, a feat it accomplishes with flying colors.

Every detail of its decor has been meticulously curated to transport you into a vintage film, with red seating, antique appliances, and period paintings. In fact, the establishment is named after actor Marcello Mastroianni, famed for his role in La Dolce Vita.

Beyond the charming and highly Instagrammable physical space, the food is authentically Italian and delectable. The icing on the cake, literally, is the dessert menu, which is exceptional as well. Our recommendations include the Pasta alla Vodka and the Fried Risotto. To sweeten the afternoon, try the tiramisu or a freshly made gelato.

Address: Av. Álvaro Obregón 110, La Roma, Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

7. HotaruHotaru

Hotaru stands out as a favorite among sushi enthusiasts in Mexico City, and its reputation is rightly deserved.

The Lomas branch features an enthralling omakase service, led by Chef Alejandro Pérez. It’s worth noting that “omakase” is a Japanese term meaning “to trust the chef,” who selects and prepares a variety of dishes based on their judgment and creativity to offer unique dining experiences.

Hotaru’s modern sushi bar consistently wows, always serving up delightful culinary surprises. Each sushi piece is not only a taste sensation but also a visual feast. Here, cooking is a true art form that is savored with all the senses.

Address: San Isidro 44, Reforma Soc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11650 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

8. Aleli RooftopAleli

Perched atop a beautiful house, Alelí Rooftop is one of the best current offerings when it comes to rooftop and terrace spaces in Roma.

Their warm and professional service mirrors the respect they hold for their customers and for Mexican produce. It’s one of the favorite terraces in Roma at the moment.

Grilling is their specialty, but they’re not confined to the typical meat cuts – which are, by the way, exquisite. Their grill-focused menu also boasts a delicious selection of fish, seafood, and vegetables, and they also feature a raw bar with the best of the season’s offerings.

The designer cocktails at Alelí Rooftop match its casual and laid-back vibe and decor, which is reflected in the mix of plants, wood, palm furnishings, and Mexican textiles. Their wine list is also top-notch.

Address: Sinaloa 141, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

9. Pastelería Amado (Bakery)Pastelería Amado

Located inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Polanco, the Amado bakery has won the hearts of locals and tourists alike for its delicious artisanal bakery and pastry offerings.

Just a few years after setting up shop inside the hotel, Amado has earned a reputation as one of the best bakeries in Mexico City, as well as one of the finest pastry shops.

Among its goodies, the two options of King’s Cake are delicious to enjoy on the spot or to take home, whether you choose the traditional version or the one filled with almond cream.

Other delights you will find include matcha croissants and other flavors, different varieties of muffins, the “Amado Cake” with chocolate and hazelnut, and the “Choco Almond,” which is an exquisite chocolate mousse with sponge cake and chocolate-covered almonds.

Address: Campos Elíseos 204, Polanco, Polanco IV Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico (Inside Hyatt Hotel)

10. HusetHuset

In addition to being one of the best farm-to-table options in Roma, Huset is a “country-style” retreat within the city, an incredible little place where you’ll want to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis with the intent of enjoying its delicious dishes and good drinks.

The decor of Huset is simple and to a certain extent minimalist. The bare wooden tables, gravel floor, hanging oil lamps, and ivy-covered walls will immediately put you in a “relaxed country” mode.

Huset’s farm-to-table cuisine is impressive, as each item on the menu has its own essence, incorporating a range of Mexican products.

The menu is printed daily and is renewed to highlight seasonal products. Their cocktail menu and wine selection are top-notch.

Address: Colima 256, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

11. MeromaMeroma

Meroma stands out for its spectacular interior design, embellished with plants and large windows, as well as an innovative bar, as well as its beautiful terrace shielded by a glass roof, This is perfect for protecting from the rain without taking away from the outdoor experience.

The menu at Meroma has been carefully selected by chefs Mer and Rodney with the aim of combining the good taste of contemporary cuisine with sustainability and the use of the best local products.

Their drinks include revisited classics from the best cocktail reactions, modern mixology, and an awesome selection of wines. Without a doubt, Meroma is one of the best terraces in Roma for spending an exceptional afternoon or evening.

Address: Colima 150, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

12. Altanera RomaAltanera Roma

One of the most recent openings in terms of terraces in Roma, Altanera has become one of the favorite spots for spending a unique afternoon or evening.

Its concept of contemporary Mexican cuisine with touches of the sea is the creation of Chef Lula Martín del Campo, who has always shown enormous respect for the origin of local ingredients.

The physical space of Altanera Roma is charming, with a bohemian chic Mexican style that has conquered everyone who visits.

The spectacular views of Mexico City are the cherry on top for enjoying some delicious dishes accompanied by some good drinks.

Address: Colima 161, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico


13. SepiaSepia

Sepia is one of the terraces in Roma that you cannot miss, especially if you are a fan of Italian cuisine and top-notch drinks. Its warm and relaxed atmosphere makes it one of the favorite terraces in Roma for locals and tourists alike.

Sepia offers a culinary proposal with the best traditional dishes from Italy, prepared with the finest ingredients from small Mexican producers. The result is a unique flavor achieved with ethical trade practices and sustainable fishing.

On the menu, you will find a variety of risottos, pastas, seafood, and a curated selection of wines.

The space is impressive, as it is housed in a white Porfirian mansion with walls covered in art and warm lighting, boasting unique details such as a projector that displays classic Italian films like La Dolce Vita on one of the walls.

Address: Sinaloa 170, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

14. Pinche Gringo BBQ & BurgersPinche Gringo

Conceived as a food truck set up on a vacant lot in the Narvarte neighborhood, Pinche Gringo BBQ has become one of the best places to eat burgers in Mexico City and now boasts several locations around town.

This place was opened by a New Yorker and his Mexican partner, who have managed to recreate the menu of any Texan “diner” while still adding some Mexican touches to their recipes.

Among the most popular burgers are the American with bacon, the Classic Mexican, and a smoked brisket burger with cheese and bacon, relished with a bacon jam that you’ll fall head over heels in love with.

Address: Lago Iseo 296, Anáhuac I Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11320 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

15. MentorMentor

If you’re wondering where to eat in Mexico City but are craving international food in a luxurious setting with a wonderful ambiance, Mentor is definitely you’re go-to!

This restaurant, located inside the St. Regis Hotell, offers a captivating culinary experience that will transport you straight to Greece.

The restaurant is committed to authenticity by using fresh and imported ingredients and traditional Greek cooking techniques to create an explosion of Mediterranean flavors in each dish.

As if that weren’t enough, they offer a really fun ambiance with live DJs as well as “bouzouki” sessions.

Address: Hotel St. Regis, Av. P.º de la Reforma 439-Primer piso, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

16. QuebrachoQuebracho

Quebracho is a restaurant that has brought a new concept of Argentine grill to Mexico City since 2004. Among the many dishes they offer, we recommend ordering their classic empanadas, as well as their provoleta and caprese salad. For the main course, treat yourself to a flank steak straight from the grill accompanied by soufflé potatoes.

For dessert, indulge in an alfajor and be sure to complement your dinner with a bottle of wine. Quebracho’s wine cellar has been carefully selected from La Rural straight from Mendoza, Argentina.

Address: C. Río Lerma 175, Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

17. SoniaSonia

Situated on a quiet street in the heart of Juárez neighborhood, Sonia offers dishes that will remind you of what it’s like to have a home-cooked dinner.

It features spaces that can only be described as eclectic with a rather boho chic decor. The menu tends to change depending on the seasonal ingredients, but among our favorites are the chard and spinach ravioli and the cannelloni.

For a mouth-watering dessert, don´t miss out on their Pavlova. It will literally make you sigh with delight.

Address: Oxford 23, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

18. AnimalAnimal

Are you uncertain about what you’re craving? If your friend is yearning for sushi but you’re more in the mood for a steak, this spot in Polanco is the ideal choice.

It’s rare to put our trust in restaurants that boast such a wide array of dishes, yet at Animal, they truly excel at preparing everything to sheer perfection (skeptical? Just ask the judges from the Six Star Diamond Awards!).

They serve up a fusion of Northeastern Mexican, Japanese, and international cuisines, which you can indulge in through an array of tacos, steaks, nigiri, seafood, and so much more.

Furthermore, Animal’s interior design stands out as one of our top picks among all the dining establishments in Mexico City.

Address: C. Calderón de la Barca 108, Polanco, Polanco III Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11570 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

19. Deigo y KaitoDeigo y Kaito

Located in Del Valle, Deigo is a restaurant that serves traditional Japanese cuisine in a stunning setting.

It was established in 1995 by Mr. Genshin Oyakawa, and since then, it has been one of the most beloved Japanese cuisine restaurants in the city, thanks to its classic preparation methods and the quality of its ingredients.

As if that weren’t enough, Deigo has recently merged with the bar Kaito, located on the floor above. This bar has been named one of the best in the world by the 50 World’s Best Bars in 2022.

You can come for dinner and then head upstairs for some very original drinks (try the Pikachu), or go straight to the bar and order some food from Deigo’s menu to be brought up to you.

Address: C. J. Enrique Pestalozzi 1238, Col del Valle Centro, Benito Juárez, 03100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

20. UmaiUmai

This innovative restaurant offers a unique dining experience featuring traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist.

Umai’s culinary offering focuses on traditional Japanese food, utilizing exceptional products from both national and international sources.

Umai’s menu, crafted by Executive Chef Nacho Carmona, includes a variety of concepts such as Nigiris, Makis, Tempuras, traditional soups, and Sashimis. Their specialties include the “Maki Ikigai,” the rib eye hibashi with shishito tempura, “Rib Eye Gyozas,” and Ikura in Lemon.

Address: Colima 159, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

21. Manaw

Upon entering, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a little corner in Bangkok or Phuket, thanks to the restaurant’s incredible tropical decor.

The menu at Manaw is extensive, offering a wide range of dishes that go from classics like pad thai and sticky rice to bolder choices like the Tom Yum, a soup with a chili paste base. For starters, don’t miss the crispy Thai Spring Rolls filled with a mix of spring rain, galangal, cilantro, spinach, corn, soybean sprouts, carrots, and onion.

In addition to the food, Manaw also boasts a broad selection of drinks, ranging from Thai classics to local beers. If you’re in the mood for something stronger, be sure to check out their cocktail selection.

Address: Av. Emilio Castelar 149, Polanco, Polanco I Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

22. BotánicoBotanico

If you’re looking for a place to escape from the city, Botánico is an outstanding choice. This lovely terrace is definitely one of the best restaurants in Condesa and it’s a must on your dining itinerary!

Set in a large house with a spacious garden full of cacti, Botánico is the perfect spot to enjoy an outdoor brunch or a cozy dinner.

The best thing about Botánico is that its menu is constantly changing, as it depends on the seasonal supplies.

Nonetheless, you will always find their signature dishes like the salmon trout toast with goat cheese, honey, and pickles, or the wagyu “suadero” quesadilla laced with avocado sauce.

If you visit Botánico on a Sunday, don’t miss out on their brunch. The mimosas, wines, and craft beers are excellent choices to pair with the dishes on the menu.

Address: Alfonso Reyes 217, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

23. Orinoco TaqueríaOrinoco

Looking for the best tacos in Mexico City? Even though it’s highly debatable, one of my go-to places to eat in Mexico City for affordable tacos is Orinoco.

This bustling eatery in Roma, Polanco, and other vibrant neighborhoods, with the Roma location being the most popular one, is celebrated for its northern Mexican-style tacos, particularly those from the state of Nuevo León.

The menu at Orinoco primarily features tacos filled with well-seasoned and tender cuts of meat, such as ”bistec” (beef steak), pastor (marinated pork), and chicharrón (fried pork rinds).

Taqueros Orinoco is not just about the food; it’s about the culture. It’s a place where both locals and visitors can mingle and enjoy the simple pleasure of eating tacos in a setting that feels quintessentially Mexican.

The taqueria is often bustling well into the wee hours of the night, especially on Thursdays and weekends (it’s a popular go-to spot for people to eat tacos after partying the night away!)

Address: Av. Álvaro Obregón 179, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc, 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

24. Cabuya RooftopCabuya Rooftop

In this space, you will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere brimming with sofas and armchairs for you to settle into as you enjoy your favorite drink.

A highlight of Cabuya Rooftop is its wide variety of drinks and cocktails. We recommend trying some of their signature beverages, such as the Strawberry Mojito or the Tamarind Margarita. And if you prefer something non-alcoholic, they also have refreshing options like Cucumber Lemonade.

In addition to drinks, at Cabuya Rooftop you can also savor delicious dishes that will make your taste buds dance. Try their famous BBQ ribs, the fish ceviche, or the exquisite guacamole with tortilla chips. Everything is prepared on the spot with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Another reason you’ll love this place is its live music program. Several times a week, you can enjoy local bands and artists that give a unique and lively touch to this terrace in the heart of the city.

Address: Aguascalientes 158, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

 So there you have it! If you’ve been wondering where to eat in Mexico City, these places are all great for getting you started on one of the best foodie destinations.

Mexico City’s restaurant scene is unparalleled, so whether you opt for budget pastor tacos at Orinoco or prefer an elegant brunch at Botánico, you’re pretty much guaranteed an incredible meal no matter what you go for.

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