Have you tried out whip cream vodka yet? If you haven’t you are in for a real treat! Here are 11 fabulous whip cream vodka cocktails and 2 super fun whip cream vodka shots recipes. 

11 Whip Cream Vodka Drinks

Alcoholic Butter BeerAlcoholic Butter Beer

The perfect boozy beverage for both muggles and wizards is this alcoholic butter beer. The twist to this butterbeer? Delicious Amarula liqueur mixed with whip cream vodka and topped with creamy whipped cream.

Lemon Drop Cream SodaLemon-Drop-Cream-Soda

When life gives you lemons, skip the lemonade and go straight for Lemon Drop Cream Soda with whipped cream vodka.

Strawberry FizzStrawberry-Vodka-Fizz-cocktail with whip cream vodka

This strawberry fizz aka a strawberry vodka cocktail is a party favorite. The combination of frozen strawberries, pineapple juice, and whipping cream vodka makes this cocktail a crowd favorite.

Strawberries and Creamstrawberry-vodka-whipped-cream-vodka

This Strawberries and Cream whipped vodka drink is irresistibly delicious. Made with heavy cream and strawberry ice cream, it’s an extra cool and creamy dessert cocktail.

Orange Creamsicle CocktailOrange Creamsicle cocktail

This delicious Orange Creamsicle cocktail is like a grown-up version of a frozen Creamsicle. Dessert in a glass! 

Candy Corn MartiniCandy corn martini

Candy corn isn’t just for Halloween. Enjoy this pretty Candy Corn Martini for a sweet whipped cream vodka cocktail that’s a showstopper. 

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Egg Nog MartiniEggnog Martini

With hints of cinnamon & nutmeg this Egg Nog Martini should be enjoyed all year long. This vodka cocktail is sweet, creamy, & the caramel sauce puts it over the top. 

Peppermint Martinipeppermint-bark-holiday-martini-recipe

This Peppermint Martini made with Ghirardelli chocolate and Whipped Cream Vodka is the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations.

Tiramisu Cocktailtiramisu-cocktail-recipe

If you love tiramisu, you’re going to love this Tiramisu Cocktail. Rich and decadent, this is the perfect dessert cocktail for any time you need a sweet treat!

Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolatebest-alcoholic-pumpkin-hot-chocolate-recipe

As the leaves start changing colors and falling, you will want to curl up with this decadent Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate. Pumpkin puree, white chocolate, marshmallows and Whipped Cream Vodka make a delicious combination. 

Eggnog and Bailey’s CocktailEggnog and Bailey's cocktail

Adding whipped cream vodka gives a special flavor to this eggnog and Bailey’s cocktail

Whip Cream Vodka Shot Recipes

These creamy candy cane shots are prepared with peppermint schnapps and whipping cream vodka. The peppermint is perfect for the holidays while the vodka will give you a festive buzz! https://xoxobella.com/christmas-pink-peppermint-jello-shots-with-vodka-and-schnapps

Blue Hawaiian Jello ShotsBlue Hawaiian Jello Shots

Blue Hawaiian Jello Shots are a fun and delicious twist on classic jello shots. They taste just like a tropical Blue Hawaii cocktail and they’re so easy to make for your next party!

Guinness Jell-O shotsguinness-shots-with whip cream vodka

Guinness Jell-O shots are perfect for your next party! Made with stout, Kahlua, and whipped cream vodka, they look just like mini pint glasses of Guinness.
Wondering where to buy whipped cream vodka? You can find it at most liquor stores or at a Total Wine store.
From classic recipes to wild creations, you now have a wide range of whipped cream vodka drinks and shots to choose from! Be sure to try each one with friends and make sure you take it slow. It’s easy to get carried away with these delicious concoctions due to their sweet and creamy flavor. Have fun and be safe, but most of all enjoy every sip of your favorite without any regrets! Whatever you decide on, I’m sure you’ll find just the right recipe for the perfect night out – or in! Cheers!