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Whistler, British Columbia is an ideal place for a family vacation. This quaint ski town looks like a place you would only see on TV. There are lots of condos in the area so it is easy to get a place to stay with a few bedrooms. The condos most often have some sort of pool, hot tub, and sauna. There is daycare on the mountain and in town as well.
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Whistler is quite small, but packed with family activities. I enjoy being able to walk with my children everywhere. We always stop at the playgrounds while we walk around. Each of the mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, offer ski lessons for kids and daycare for the very little ones. However, the day care usually doesn’t start until at least Dec 1st. So, if you go up for Thanksgiving you will be out of luck.
Whistler Playground
Biking – If you go in the summer months, take your bikes with you or plan to rent some. There are tons of paved trails. You can just bike around town or around one of the lakes. If you are into mountain biking you can take your bike up the mountain on the gondola and bike down the mountain on some serious trails!
Rock climbing – There is an indoor facility The Core not far from the convention center that is a lot of fun. From what I remember kids 5 and up can participate. This same place is also a gym. They sell passes for the day or week.
The Core - Indoor Rock Climbing in Whistler
Skiing – Ages 3 and up can take lessons. The skiing here is excellent.
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Swimming – There is an indoor recreation facility called Meadow Park Sports Centre that has a
large swimming pool and is inexpensive. It also had a nice size hot tub.
Ice skating – This is also available at the Meadow Park Sports Centre. As you can see from the picture they provide helmets for the kids as well as these bars to keep them up.

Meadow Park Sports Centre in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Painting – There is a pottery place in the village that you can take your kids to, so they can create a masterpiece.

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