About an hour south of Orlando you will find Wild Florida where you can experience safe encounters with alligators. Their airboats tours will take you out on Lake Cypress on a coast guard approved airboat. On the lake you will see alligators, birds, and cows. The day we went out we saw at least 6 alligators, tons or birds, and lots of cows. Our tour guide taught us so much about the area and alligators. I had not expected the tour to be so educational. airboat

Air boats are loud and cold. It may get up to 80 or 90 the day you go out on the airboat, but if you go in the morning you are going to get cold. You probably already have a rain jacket or poncho with you in case it rains  and you will want to be sure and take it with you for this. They provide ear protection but it is still gonna be loud. You will also want to make sure everyone has a pair of sunglasses to wear.

My teenager was totally pissy about going on this adventure with us, but much to his surprise and mine he enjoyed it. He even admitted it at one point.

Wild Florida airboat

alligators in Florida

Gator and Wildlife Park

One of the best parts of visiting is seeing all the animals they have in their wildlife park, there’s over 200 of them. Admission to the wildlife park is included in the price of the airboat tour. We saw a tons of alligators, a sloth, birds, lemurs, and a zebra. Depending on what time you are there you can catch animal feedings including a gator feeding. If we ever go again I will pay extra to experience the animal encounters with the sloth and baby gator.zoo

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Wild FloridaSpecial Events

I did not attend an event here but I had the chance to see their large indoor and outdoor event spaces and brand new pavilion. It would be a beautiful setting for an event. During our visit it was being used for a field trip. reception hall at Wild Florida