It’s that time of year again, garage sale season. I’ve been putting off having a garage sale for about 4 years now. I am a really good procrastinator. Unfortunately, the time has come to break down and just do it. Lucky for me my neighborhood has decided to do a neighborhood-wide yard sale, so hopefully, lots of people will come and I will sell all my crap. 

5 Yard Sale Tips for Success

This list of Yard Sale Tips for Success is a must for making sure you make the most of your garage sale!

1. Check the local rules before you begin

Oddly enough the first tip to holding a successful yard sale is to first check with any rules, regulations, and restrictions that your town may have regarding hosting a yard sale. Once you have acquired the proper permit and know what regulations to follow while hosting your yard sale then you can proceed. (I must say it blows my mind that your town may have regulations on garage sales. Stuff like this is why I’m anti-government!)

2. Sort your yard sale products in advance.  

Two months before your garage sale start sorting and sifting through all of your household items. You will need ample time to have the family determine what will go into the yard sale pile and what will be kept. Enable a plan of attack to organize the items you have set aside to place in the yard sale, have items categorized properly by either type of item or price. Start thinking about how much table room you may need, reach out to friends to see if anyone has tables or clothing racks they can lend you for the yard sale.  You’ll also want to use this time to grab some yard sale stickers and label each of your items with the price.

3. Find help for your yard sale day.  

Once your sorting and categorizing is completed and you have some tables ready to display your yard sale items, start enlisting volunteers. You will want to have a few helpers at the yard sale, after all, you may need to take a bathroom break, eat lunch, etc., and don’t want to ever leave your yard sale unattended. Offer free lunch or a percent of sales to a couple of people as a means to get some extra help to host your successful yard sale. (Or if you are like me and have older children put them to work!)  This is one of the best yard sale tips I can share with you.  Having a yard sale is a lot of work without help.

4. Make your yard sale nice for your shoppers.  

Consider playing some catchy music in the background to entice driver buyers to stop and choose your yard sale to stop at. Have free water or lemonade stand alongside the yard sale so that visitors are able to stay hydrated, be sure to converse with everyone who stops by without being a pushy sales-person, be open to negotiations, after all, that’s what yard sales are for – negotiating prices to clean out your extra household items.

5. Pick a date for your yard sale.  

Now that you have all of the basics thought about and planned, it’s time to determine the best day to host your successful yard sale. Pick a date that works for your schedule as well as based on when the popular town-wide yard sales happen. Memorial Day seems to be a pretty popular kick-off weekend for yard sales. Keep in mind what the anticipated weather will be, so as to avoid getting rained out.

If you follow all of the yard sale tips to hold a successful sale we have shared with you today, you will be one step ahead of the game and hopefully, sit back to enjoy that cash come in while you watch your house become less cluttered.

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