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Spicy Mexican Firing Squad Cocktail

Looking for a spicy cocktail that isn't a jalapeño margarita? This Mexican Firing Squad cocktail made with chipotle tequila is just what you need. (Don't shoot me over the name. 😂) I love Mexico! Spicy Mexican Firing Squad Cocktail Yield: 1 8 oz glass Prep Time:

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Caribbean Jerk Crock Pot Chili

If you love jerk chicken you will love this Caribbean Jerk crock pot chili recipe. It might just become your new favorite chili recipe! Oddly enough, the best jerk chicken I've ever had was in Turks and Caicos at Beaches Resorts. Considering it's a Jamaica-based company

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Monte Carlo: Experience Glitz and Glamour of the French Riviera

Located in the country of Monaco, the picturesque district of Monte Carlo resides along the world-famous French Riviera. This small sovereign state is known for its opulence, luxury, and many local millionaires, making it a top and exciting destination for many travelers. It’s the ideal destination

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