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Thai Chicken Soup Recipe

It's finally fall down here in Texas (barely) which to me means it is soup season. We love Thai food which means I have your typical Thai ingredients on hand so I can whip up a curry. This time instead of curry I went with a soup made in an instant pot. Throw in more curry paste if you want

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10 Fun Things to Do In Logan, Utah

Logan is a city located in Cache County, Utah. At first glance, Logan is easy to pass up for an average city with nothing exceptional to offer adventure-seeking souls out there.  But away from the hustle and bustle of Logan’s city streets lie some of the most charming locations in the United States. This article explores the top ten things

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Using Next Vacay to Book Your Next European Escapade

Taking a trip to Europe provides the opportunity to learn more about the history of the countries there, as well as enjoy the stunning natural attractions and gorgeous architecture for which Europe is best known. However, when you're coming from another part of the world, the cost of a European escapade can be high. Between flights, lodging, and sightseeing, the

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