If mom loves to travel, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to remind her that being a mom doesn’t have to slow down her wanderlust. Here are Mother’s Day gift ideas for moms that love to travel.

Mother’s Day Gift of Travel

A wonderful gift would be the gift of an actual trip. That can be tricky, particularly if you don’t know mom’s schedule or her ability to take off work or take the kids out of school. Even in those instances, though, there are work-arounds.

Buy her a gift certificate to a luxury chain hotel or one of her favorite inns. There are also online vacation package companies that sell gift certificates, as do some online travel booking sites like Travelocity, travel associations like a bed and breakfast groups, and spa finding sites. Also, be sure to see these tips on Mother’s Day Getaway Ideas.

Mother’s Day Travel Gear Gifts

If mom likes to travel, she would probably love gifts that make it go easier. Take into account the stage of motherhood she is in. If she is a new mom, a handy backpack diaper bag or baby travel bed. If she has older children, buy a DVD player for her car. Even though that seems like a gift for the kids, mom will enjoy the peace and quiet that results.

Travel guidebooks also make wonderful travel gifts for moms. If mom works full-time, look for regional guidebooks to help her come up with great weekend getaways. You can also find many guidebooks on travel with kids to inspire some family vacations.

If mom is adventurous or loves road trips, she will surely love a GPS unit. She would also probably appreciate some fun outdoors gifts like a nice family tent.

Mother’s Day Travel Comfort and Luxury Gifts

If mom is less the camping type and more of the five-star diva, consider getting some fun pampering, luxury gifts. There are many comfort gifts a mother might not buy for herself, but would certainly enjoy.

There are many comfort gifts out there, ranging from cashmere travel blankets to soothing eye patches for night sleep on planes and trains. A travel makeup case or toiletry bag (especially one that is stylish and chic) is sure to please.

Moms probably also spend a lot of time carrying kids, groceries and generally straining her back, so back comfort items like lumbar cushions are great gifts that will work for travel and for simple trips around town.

More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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